Updated August 13, 2019

South Korea

  • President Moon continues to prosecute the war on nuclear.

    • After promising to reduce coal and nuclear, the president decreased nuclear from 29% to 23% but increased coal from 42% to 44% and increased natural gas from 22 to 27%.

    • The president abruptly withdrew staff from UAE, resulting in the loss of 2/3 of a $ 1 billion maintenance contract.

  • Work continues on two new APR-1400s at the Shin-Kori site after a citizen’s jury voted to resume the construction of the new reactors.

  • South Korea was a world leader in nuclear and could be again.

    • South Korea's 25 nuclear reactors provide it with one third of its total electricity.

    • Nuclear capacity in the country was set to increase from 23 GWe to 38 GWe by 2029, but under newly elected President Moon Jae-in, South Korea plans to completely phase-out its nuclear sector by 2060.

    • Without nuclear, South Korea’s emissions would increase the equivalent of up to 27 million cars added to the road.

    • South Korea is the only remaining Western competitor with China and Russia for the export of nuclear technology. It is today finishing construction on a $20 billion contract to build four reactors in the United Arab Emirates