“James Hansen Courage Award” to Be Given to South Korean Labor, Student, and Academic Leaders in Recognition of Pro-nuclear “Citizens Jury” Victory

Professor Bum-Jin Chung Speaking on October 20

Professor Bum-Jin Chung Speaking on October 20

Ten South Korean labor, student, and academic leaders will receive the James Hansen Courage Award for their successful defense of nuclear power on Thursday, October 26 in two separate ceremonies in Ulsan and in Gyeongju.

The distinction will be awarded to the 10 South Korean pro-nuclear leaders by Environmental Progress (EP) President and Time Magazine “Hero of the Environment” Michael Shellenberger.

The award is “For courageous leadership in fighting climate change with nuclear energy and preserving the Earth for future generations.”

EP President Shellenberger issued the following statement:

“We not only honor these 10 brave individuals but also all South Koreans who fought to save their nation’s nuclear power plants from forces of misinformation, superstition, and fear. We look forward to supporting their efforts to raise nuclear to 100 percent of South Korea’s electricity.”

The award is named after one of the world’s leading climate scientists, James Hansen, EP Senior Science Advisor, who is also a strong advocate of nuclear energy. Past winners include labor and community leaders in New York and investigative journalists in California. 

The following is a list of the 10 James Hansen Award winners:

  1. Professor Bum-Jin Chung, Kyung Hee University, Department of Nuclear Engineering
  2. Jae Uk Im, student, Seoul National University
  3. 김병기 Kim Byeongki
  4. 윤원석 Yoon Wonseok
  5. 문지훈 Moon Jihoon 
  6. 김재하 Kim Jaeha
  7. 남건호 Nam Geonho
  8. 서기춘 Seo Kichun
  9. 최양현 Choi Yanghyun
  10. 강창호 Kang Changho