James Hansen Comdemns Fossil Fuel & Anti-Nuclear Attacks on New York Law to Save the Nukes

 Statement by Dr. James Hansen, climate scientist and Environmental Progress Science Advisor:

 "It is deeply disturbing, but not surprising, that fossil fuel companies are joining anti-nuclear groups in attacking New York’s efforts to protect its largest source of clean electricity, nuclear power plants.  These two groups are the greatest enemies of young people, nature and all the species of creation.  I strongly urge officials in New York, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the federal courts to reject the pleas of coal companies, NRG and Dynegy, and those of anti-nuclear fringe groups like Public Citizen, and move forward with plans to protect the climate for our grandchildren and clean air for all of us today. Fear-mongering by decrepit anti-nuclear groups and money flowing from fossil fuel interests must not be allowed to determine our planets future.”