Sierra Club is one of the most effective anti-nuclear environmental organizations in the world, with gross revenues in 2015 of $122 million and $75 million in revenues for Sierra Club Foundation in 2016. 

War on Nuclear

Sierra Club has long advocated replacing nuclear plants with coal, natural gas, and renewables, from California to Ohio, a strategy it continues to employ today

"Our campaign stressing the hazards of nuclear power,” the then-Executive Director of the Sierra Club wrote in a confidential 1974 memo to the Board of Directors, “will supply a rationale for increasing regulation... and add to the cost of the industry.”

An anti-nuclear Sierra Club leader later confessed to a historian, “I think playing dirty if you have a noble end is fine.”

Conflicts of Interest

In 2012, the Sierra Club admitted it had taken $26 million from natural gas companies — but only after Club activists took the information public.

Sierra Club has taken an additional $110 million from Michael Bloomberg, a major investor in oil and natural gas.

Sierra Club Foundation board members currently include — or have included in the recent past — the following individuals:

  • The manager of Barclays’ renewable energy investment banking;

  • A Director and Assistant General Counsel for solar company SolarCity;

  • The founder and manager of environmental investment funds Walden Capital Management and Boston Common Asset Management;

  • A managing Partner at renewable energy company EcoPower;

  • The founder and CEO of solar company Sun Run;

  • A partner at renewable energy company Healthy Planet Partners;

  • The CEO of solar company Solaria.

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  • Sierra Club openly takes money from solar energy companies including Sungevity that benefit from its lobbying for renewables subsidies and the closure of nuclear plants.