Updated June 23, 2017


  • France's Energy Transition for Green Growth Law promises to limit nuclear power’s contribution to 50 percent of France’s total electricity by 2025.
  • Nuclear currently provides approximately 75% of France's electricity.
  • France currently has one of the lowest prices for electricity among leading European economies.
  • To fund its energy transition, the French Energy Regulator has already acknowledged that grid operators will be allowed to increase network usage fees, which currently account for a third of customers’ electricity bills.
  • On average, Germany's electricity was 10 times more dirtier than France's in 2016.
  • If France limited its nuclear power to 50 percent of its total electricity and replaced it with natural gas, carbon emissions would increase the equivalent of 14 million cars added to the road.
  • Dozens of climate scientists and conservationists have urged President Emmanuel Macron to do everything in his power to protect France's nuclear industry and avoid reversing the country's progress on clean energy.