Regional Advisor:


Updated April 5, 2019


  • All five of Pennsylvania’s nuclear power plants, which provide over 4,500 permanent and high-paying jobs, are at risk of early closure. Beaver Valley and Three Mile Island could shut down as early as 2018 and 2019, respectively.

  • Governor Tom Wolf has stated his concerns regarding the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement and its negative impact on the state's economy and health. Saving nuclear power is the single largest thing the governor could do to help prevent emissions.

  • Read our letter addressed to Governor Wolf here

  • Without its nuclear power, Pennsylvania’s energy mix as a whole would see its clean sources decline from 43 percent to just 4 percent.

  • Pennsylvania emissions will increase the equivalent of adding more than 3.1 million cars to the road if Beaver Valley and Three Mile Island close.

  • In 2005, Pennsylvania already had the second highest number of premature deaths from particulate matter from electricity generation.

  • Pennsylvania’s nuclear generated 20 times more electricity than its solar and wind sectors combined in 2018.