Updated April 12, 2018

New Jersey

  • New Jersey's legislature voted on April 12, 2018 to save the state's nuclear plants at the cost of extending 18-28 times more in subsidies to solar.
  • New Jersey is home to three nuclear power plants, which currently account for over half of the state's electricity consumption and provides 92 percent of its zero-carbon electricity.

  • New Jersey’s emissions would increase the equivalent of adding nearly 2.8 million cars to the road if its nuclear plants are closed.

  • In 2017, New Jersey's nuclear plants provided twelve times more electricity than the state's solar and wind combined. 

  • In December 2017, President Michael Shellenberger testified before the New Jersey Senate, arguing that saving the state's nuclear power plants would save jobs, lives, and the environment. 

  • Climate scientists including James Hansen, along with other concerned scientists, conservationists, and environmentalists have urged Governor Murphy and other state leaders to protect New Jersey's remaining nuclear plants.