Saving 1,455 Illinois Green Jobs to Cost Half Wind Subsidy

New Illinois legislation that would save a net 1,455 high-paying green jobs at two nuclear plants, Clinton and Quad Cities, would cost half of what taxpayers spend on subsidizing wind, according to a new analysis by Illinois newspaper, Crane's. 

Crane's Steve Daniels today reports that new legislation to save Illinois nuclear plants would cost, at a maximum, $250 million per year. Daniels notes that "the $250 million estimate can be produced using materials Exelon has provided lawmakers and statements its executives have made to analysts."

Clinton and Quad Cities nuclear plants generate 24.5 TWhs of electricity, and thus $250 million in subsidies would be one cent per kWh. The federal wind Production Tax Credit is for 2.3 cents/kWh. 


Michael Shellenberger

Michael Shellenberger is an award-winning author and environmental policy expert. For a quarter-century he has advocated solutions to lift all people out of poverty while lessening humankind's environmental impact.